Xtant Real prelaunches an intrinsic value analysis system for cryptos

United Kingdom, Wakefield
This pre-launch will provide two weeks of early market engagement of the concept of intrinsic value analysis for cryptocurrency. Crypto enthusiasts, retail and professional investors and regulators are invited to sign up to RDA Index mailing list to get privileged access to the product.

The full launch will offer a host of features:

  • RDA Score: A measure of the intrinsic value of a cryptoasset.

  • RDA Score Breakdown: A breakdown of RDA Score into 4 intrinsic value constituents (or RDA Attributes).

  • RDA Index Level: A measure of how the global cryptocurrency market is faring over time.

  • RDA 30 Index: Intrinsic value ranking of 30 of the largest cryptocurrencies listed on Coinmarketcap.com

  • RDA Exchange Rates: The first non-fiat mediated cryptocurrency exchange system.

  • Enterprise API: Provides access to RDA Index data for custom dashboarding and apps development.

  • RDA Price: Based on the RDA Score, the RDA Price is the objective price of the cryptocurrency.

  • RDAi Token (pronounced Radai): The RDAi Token is a digital utility coin that powers the RDA Index ecosystem: RDAi Token is a means of subscription to RDA Index data. RDAi Token is listed on Waves Decentralised Exchange.

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