Real Digital Asset Index

In a complex cryptoasset market with thousands of instruments, RDA Index (RDAi) evaluates, scores and ranks cryptoassets based on their intrinsic value.

A Unique Index

RDA Index is different! Price series and market capitalisation weightings do not determine the ranking of cryptoassets within the Index. Rather, as cryptoassets acquire Real Digital Asset Attributes, they appreciate in intrinsic value and subsequently rise in RDAi ranking.

RDA Score

RDA Score is a measure of the intrinsic value of cryptoassets on a 0 - 1 point scale.

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The sum of all RDA Scores is the RDA Index Level. The RDA Index Level is an indicator of how the cryptoasset market is faring fundamentally as a comparison over time.


RDA Score Components

Business Ecosystem Stability

Economic proof and resilience of the ecosystem.

Digital Utility

Digital usefulness and programmability of asset

Technology Efficiency

Performance and efficiency of the blockchain.

Market Sentiments

Public sentiments on stability, utility & technology efficiency.

Why RDA Index?

RDA Index clarifies the Intrinsic Value of cryptoassets to enable individuals, businesses, and governments to effectively engage in the cryptoasset economy.

Regulation, Risk & Compliance

Address risks related to consumer and investor protection. Define custom RDA score components to align with regulatory and compliance policies per jurisdiction.

Trading Strategies

Identify cryptoassets that serve as a reliable store of value. Identify risks related to integrity and systemic issues. Move from hype to knowledge-based trading.

Market Commentary

Easy-to-understand and objective perspective on cryptoasset valuation. Provide on-point commentary on cryptoassets intrinsic value without analysing thousands of technical whitepapers.


Use intrinsic value analysis to enrich cryptoasset research and validate projections. Publish and sell research based to RDA Index framework and methodology.

Cryptoasset Portfolio Management

Insightful portfolio management. Leverage RDA Index to aggregate assets and establish overall portfolio intrinsic value - RDA Score.

Analytical Tool

User our enterprise APIs to ingest RDA Index into apps or dashboards. Define custom RDA score compoments to build personalised RDA Index.

Enterprise API

Our enterprise APIs provide flexible and high-performance access to RDA Index.

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